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Behind the June’s Rebrand

You thought June’s needed a face lift to bring our packaging up to the same level as the delicious sweet and savory treats inside? You weren’t the only one! It’s been a year in the making but we’re thrilled with the result! A look behind the curtain will dissolve your curiosity with excitement at all that went on behind the scenes of this new packaging.

About the Boxes

As we went through the process of creating our new packaging we kept in mind our core commitments: 1) to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating as much plastic in our packaging as possible, 2) to highlight our products in creative ways that ensure our customers always know what they're getting, 3) to live up to our playful demeanor.

About the Snack Packs

Designed with the microdoser or the muncher in mind, our snack packs offer the opportunity for either continued crunching or small doses for those with a lower tolerance for THC.

About the Single Serves

With both the picky-eater and the skeptic in mind we designed our single serves. We never want to leave our customers disappointed, and as we understand that everyone's taste buds desire different flavors we crafted on option that allows our customer to give our delicously delectable edibles a try without the commitment of investing in a whole box - but we know they'll be coming back for more of their new favorite treats!

About the Artist - Allison Reimold

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The visualizations of the personas of our inner June's could not be possible without the incredible talent of our artist, Allison Reimold. Drafted digital through tireless work and seemingly boundless creativity, Reimold brought the experience our customers have with our edibles to life through the illustrations of our June's. Every edibles consumer has an inner June - a feeling they are trying to achieve as they unwrap that delectable edible.

The Pretzel Junes: let loose and vibe out as you unlock your carefree self! Perfect for a night out on the town or hanging around with a pal, our pretzel June is in tune with absorbing all the best that life has to offer!

The Petite Cookie Junes: elevate your day with action as you delight in a newfound sense of energy onset by our deliciously delectable edibles! Tackle every task on your to-do list or engage in every activity imaginable - the sky is the limit for you when you unlock your inner June!

The Fruit Jelly Junes: encompassing the customer who turns to edibles for relaxation, or as a part of their wellness routine, the Fruit Jelly Junes encompass self-care and rejuvenation.

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