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Behind every great brand is a group of passionate individuals who strive to produce the best possible product, people who care for the consumers, who strive to innovate and elevate beyond our wildest dreams – the team behind June’s certainly does not fall short.

Why We Do What We Do

Every member of our passionate team of nine at June’s has a reason why they walk back through the doors of the kitchen each day!

Meet the Team

Lori – Edibles Manager I love working in the edibles kitchen because I love to create! Finding new flavor pairings, and methods of infusion are fun for me. I get excited when I walk into a store and see the products that I invent being sold and enjoyed by so many people. I have been making edibles for 13 years and started back in the medical days where inconsistent edibles were the norm. My father-in-law got cancer and not being able to find him "good" edibles is what inspired me to start my edibles company. People were so excited to have both consistent AND delicious edibles. I had to quit my job so I could make edibles full time just to fill the need. I have helped a lot of patients who need edibles and it brings me joy to hear how helpful they have been for people.

Adrian - Confectioner I’ve had the baking bug since I was 6 or 7 years old. Before coming to the kitchen at SPP I used baking as my escape, if I was feeling depressed or whatever I would just start baking and usually it would go away. I started playing with infusions in 2009 because I had so much extra material from my garden I had to find something to do with it.

To me, the best part of making edibles is the reaction I get from people!

The atmosphere in the kitchen is what keeps me hungry. We’re loud and extremely obnoxious and that makes everyday entertaining! I know everyone can hear us, probably gets beyond annoying, but who cares what they think. We fucking ROCK!

Holly - Confectioner

I love working in the edibles kitchen because I love to cook. Whether it’s making edibles or baking I enjoy seeing people eating my creations. I’ve been cooking since I was tall enough to reach the stove. It’s fun to cook to me because, my dad taught me how to cook. Reminds me of the quality time/ chats I Still have with my dad, when I get in the kitchen. I’ve been making edibles at work and home for about 3 years now. I got into making edibles because again, love to cook And cooking with cannabis is even better for me.

Rafa - Confectioner

I have been working in the kitchen for 3 years. I was one of the first people to join the edibles team when the kitchen first opened at Smokey Point Productions!

I have always loved cooking in general, but my specialty is Mexican food. While I have been cooking for my whole life I was never much of a baker before I began working in the edibles kitchen! I have loved learning how to make candy during my time in the edibles kitchen and enjoy every part of the job!

Justice - Confectioner

Working with like-minded people who hold the same standards and quality is why I love working in the edibles kitchen at SPP. I've spent the past two years before this cooking as a fine dining chief.

Lori has cultivated an amazing team which helps to fuel my constant desire to make edibles!

Sabrina - Confectioner

I've always been super passionate about baking ever since I was a little kid about 8 or so with grandparents and my parents. I've also been passionate about the healing properties that come with cannabis and I thought why not take my two passions and try to turn them into a career! When I saw the job posting for the edibles kitchen I took my chances to join SPP and I haven't regretted it a single day since. I love working in the kitchen because all of my coworkers share the same goals I do and want nothing more then to achieve! We're such a close nit family that most days it doesn't seem like work but more like making delicious goodies with your family.

Damian - Confectioner

I love working in the edibles kitchen is because I have a lovely team of individuals that comes together to get the job done. We're all self-sufficient badasses that come together as a team to make the dream work! The edibles team has so much fun as well! I have been working in the I-502 for quite a while now and by far I have bonded the most with the people in the edibles kitchen. We get the job done, but I rock the most genuine smile underneath my mask every damn day!

Before working in the edibles kitchen I had literally 0 baking and cooking experience! I got myself into the kitchen based on showing my skill in other departments and now I’m just trying my best to grasp what is being taught to me by my peers and leaders - they are great teachers! I plan on diving farther into making edibles in the future!

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