Junes Pretzels

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Get twisted with the most popular savory edible on the market! Now available in Nacho Cheese, Jalapeno Ranch, & Original Ranch.

Nacho Cheese

Awesomely cheesy, yummy, and spacey. Dare we say they're cheese-tastic? Well we already did and there's no taking it back. 

 Available in:

10MG THC (10 pack)


 Jalapeno Ranch

Fire up and get down with the creamy heat of this scrumptious, savory moresel. Spice up your life with the pretzels that twist you. 

 Available in:

10MG THC (10 pack) 


Original Ranch

Some people don't have a sweet tooth, they have a savory tooth. Herbaceous, creamy ranch delivers an edible you'll keep crunching.

 Available in:

10MG THC 10 pack)

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