Where can I buy Junes edibles?

Are June's gluten free?

Are June's vegan?

Are June's Kosher?

Are June's sugar-free?

Are June's nut-free?

Does Junes offer CBD products?

Do you ship to customers directly? 

I am a licensed Washington state dispensary, how do I order your products? 

What is the shelf life of June's edibles?

If I have a question that wasn't asnswered in June's FAQ's how can I get my question answered? 


You can find June's products in over 100 dispensaries across Washington state.


If they're not available in your local dispensary, ask them to contact us at

All of June's jellies are gluten free. Some products may contain gluten

June's edibles are vegan except for our nacho cheese pretzels, jalapeno ranch pretzels, creamy ranch pretzels, and our cookies. 

No, June's products are not kosher. 

Currently June's does not offer any sugar-free edibles. 

All of our products are nut-free except our peanut butter cookies and our sour blue raspberry jellies

Yes! June's CBD line currently includes watermelon 1:1 jellies, watermelon 30:1 jellies, blood orange 1:1 jellies, and blood orange 30:1 jellies. 

No, by Washington State law we are not able to sell June's directly to consumers. 

Please reach out to us at with your preferred contacting information and your store's information or via social media at junes_wa. 

The shelf life of June's pretzels is 3 months. The shelf life of June's cookies and jellies is 1 year. 

We're happy to answer any question you may have! Please send us a message on social media @junesedibles and we will get back to you as soon as possible!